Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Claire's Blessing and Rylies Shower

Baby Claire was given a name and a blessing by her father the day after the wedding. She wore Julies blessing dress and was wrapped up in a white blanket Grandma Janice made. She had a pearl bracelet on an a little pink bow. She is beautiful and I can't wait to see she and her cousin Arista wear there Utah Cheerleading outfits Grandpa got them. We ate alot of good food at Julies sister-in-laws house then drove back down to Sandy to get ready for Rylie and Aristas baby shower. Of course if you know the Martins something small has to happen and this time it was no different. The shower was at Grandmas house and the airconditioning is on a timer so wouldn't go on. It went up to 78 and there were 25 plus people and in that group were three pregnant ladies. We finally got it working but it didn't stop the festivities. Rylie must of thought it was many wonderful family and friends and so many gifts. Mary made a pregnant cake that was so cute. We had lots to eat and a great time was had by all. Thanks to all family that helped so much.

Monday, September 21, 2009

After we blessed Claire on Saturday, we had RYLIES BIG BABY shower. People came from all over . Rylies mom played games, had cute favors and she had the cutest Prego cake. I just can't believe they could ge it ll on the plain npn to much time Riley. I love my little Harem of graaaaaaandaughters...................................................................................................................
RYLIES BABY SHOWER was a huge sucess and her extended family lives in Utah,Rylies mom made a prego cke andbutter mints. Shad games read and favors for everyone. They got enough stuff to go way over on weight but didn't.I made punc and we had finger sandwhiches with chips. We had a problem with the aircondioner. Suddenly the temp started rising and the three pregnant women were getting restless. The men who were around got it fixed though. I got to see many people I hadn;t heard about in a long time......Claire Martin was blessed ina beautiful dress that Julie had worn on her blessing and I gave her a bracelet. It was a spiritual moment and her dad did wonderful....The next part of the day was football for the boys and they loved being with each other. Claire watched her first football game. Grandpa bought both little girls none other than Utah Cheerleading Outfits .............TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOcute. see you all next tme Sue

WOW.... What a summer we have had at the Martin house. All is good as the summer winds down to crisp autumn temps and the hint of fall....Marissa was married to Chris Coates on Friday Sept.11 in the Salt Lake City Temple. We saved a few to many things to the last minute the day of the wedding but it all worked out perfectly in the end. As we go into the brides room and get dressed we really had to watch her hair and came the dress.....Rylie and I and the sweet temple workers laced her back up and we got to the bottom the laces were unevevn so we had to rip out the other ones and start clean and fresh. We shoud of fad a dry run s0 we were really.really ready...Mallory took enough pictures we could go intobusiness as a framer. We had iur reception at Millenial Falls out in Draper. What an awesome job they did and the buyer didin;t have to do anthiny Reception center was geat; food was great and the cake was passed around to all. We got a big box of cake to go home.They are a lovely couple. We sent them on there way to Playa del Carmen in Mexico. Now they are back getting readdy for the work week.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello family and friends, this has proved to be quite a month and August will be even busier. I just got home from a week in Utah helping Marissa with wedding plans and buying a new car. Her Escape was hit and totalled, so we had to brave the car dealers to find a new car. Luckily Chad had done all the work and we ended up with a Hyundai Sonata, very nice car. Marissa has already done so much for the wedding. I really just had to find a dress and invitation addresses and of course play tennis with Marissa. Both Chris and Marissa are working so hard and this weekend are in Las Vegas for a family reunion with his family, a much needed break. Thank you Grandma Janice and Gaylynn for your hospitality. Miss Claire Martin was born to Curt and Julie on July 16th. She is our second granddaughter, both are absolutely beautiful little girls. I go to Houston on Tuesday for a visit. I am home six days then off to Utah for the wedding. What a whirlwind summer. Thanks to all our family for all your love and support through our exciting and trying times we've had. Love Sue and Chad